ONE-PAGE SCORE • live recording & video





April 2, 2016 • Roberts Creek Community Hall



Doug Gorkoff, Cello & Electronics
François Houle, Clarinet & Electronics
Eyvind Kang, Viola
John Kastelic, Viola & Electronics
Janine Island, Violin
Giorgio Magnanensi, Conduction
Mark McGregor, Flute
Chad McQuarrie, Electric Guitar
Lisa Cay Miller, Keyboards
Graham Ord, Saxophone & Electronics
Katie Rife, Percussion
Stefan Smulovitz, Viola & Electronics



Maurice Spira • Calix


Demian Pettman • good bye…hello?


Alan Sirulnikoff • Spot On


Lisa Cay Miller • one-page score


Sarita Opal Moodie • one-page score


Rose Clarke • Genesis


François Houle • Batik


Dean Schutz • Strangeness


Maddie Talbot-Kelly • one-page score


Shelley Fearnley • Eating Bees


Donna Balma • An Opera for Emoticons


Arian Khosravi • Farm Folk City Folk


Valéry Tremblay • Supertramp


Eyvind Kang • Extremely Logical


First set


Second set




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